Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Broken Gift by Daniel Friedmann

 The Broken Gift

The controversy is as old as the written word (and probably before) who is right/wrong in the battle of Creationism vs. Evolution. As a well studied open-minded individual who was raised in a strict Christian Minister's household I have found myself in the middle of the debate several times. I read "The Broken Gift" by Daniel Friedmann in one sitting - that is how gripping the book is. The author has an uncanny ability to argue both sides of the issue with the same amount of knowledge/research. He does this with a sense of delicacy for Christians and Scientists alike, perhaps both are right. Naturally he leaves the decision up to the reader (as it should be) only supplying facts/resources for his conclusions. I have been following Mr. Friedmann's virtual book tour for some time and his fact-based findings are refreshing to say the least.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind - of course I will not suggest it to my Father lest we have another argumentative Holiday season! Even if you have not read Daniel Friedmann's first book "The Genesis One Code" you will have only a vast amount of knowledge to gain by reading "The Broken Gift".

*The fine print:
I was compensated for this review but the thoughts/words are 100 percent mine. I strongly support this book and author.